A Guide to Learning Languages

Just a smattering of a foreign language can be a hugely satisfying aid to communication when you're on holiday abroad. And the inability to speak the local language can be a real obstacle to getting along when living or working abroad. Whatever your needs, if you fancy learning a language, give it a go! It is never easy, but need not be a painful chore - and the results can bring unimagined rewards!

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dan 7 May, 2009

Language learning has no reason to be a painful experience especially when you get a little help from the internet.
A few days ago I came across some language resources that can be useful for a newbie as well as for a advanced foreign language learner.
Here is where you can find these resources:

- http://www.lingo24.com/contextrans-english-french-translation-service.html

- http://www.lingo24.com/contextrans-french-english-translation-service.html

Roxanne Chelsea Robinson 28 August, 2009

I am proud to be learning a foreign language.
Using this webiste has helped me to do many things.

frank michael 13 November, 2009

ten examples of transactional and interactional language

filologi.com Translation Agency 29 November, 2009

filologi.com Translation Agency

shazia Altaf 23 January, 2010

m want english language guide.so plz give me ur kind guidence. thx.

Shinas 4 September, 2010

I like to learn german & russia

jasmine@liveyourlife!!! 28 September, 2010

i can only speak english..
and im welsh!!!

jammo! 19 October, 2012

languages are really useful... :)

Jack Stanley 19 October, 2012

I really like learning French :D yaaayyy go french

elton 14 April, 2013


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